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Scrip Information

Every DMS student has the opportunity to visit Washington DC at the end of 8th Grade as well as Europe and China in 7th or 8th grade.  The school and the PTO both offer various ways for students to raise funds for these trips. Scrip is one of the fundraising opportunities offered by the PTO.  Several DMS families have paid for their child’s entire trip using Scrip!


Scrip is another word for gift cards.  Scrip can seem overwhelming at first glance, but trust us, you will quickly figure it out and it’s totally worth it, as Scrip is a no-selling way to earn Free Money - really! You purchase & receive gift cards at full face value and a rebate is put into your child’s Trip Account at school. We are happy to help you get started!


Please read the documents below for more detailed information about the Scrip program at Discovery.  Remember, in order to participate in Scrip you must complete the PTO’s 5-Minute Online Form so that we know which student will receive the funds earned.  PTO’s 5 Minute Online Form 


School Trips for Free


Scrip Policies


Scrip FAQs


Scrip Tips


Questions? Contact Scrip Coordinators Laura Nayee ( or Dana Sullivan (