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Exploring Financial Realities: Reality Store

student creates a budget


Today our 8th-grade students delved into the world of personal finance at Reality Store. Students were assigned careers, salaries, families, and even pets. They were then tasked with the challenge of budgeting for everyday expenses like housing, groceries, and entertainment.


students talks to parent volunteer


Parent volunteers led sessions on various career fields, offering insights and guidance. Students learned firsthand about professions, career paths, and the importance of education in achieving financial stability.


parent volunteers discuss careers


Reality Store wasn't just about numbers; it was about practical skills. Students honed critical thinking and problem-solving abilities while managing budgets and making informed financial decisions.


A big thank you to our parent volunteers whose dedication made Reality Store a success. Their support empowered students to navigate the complexities of personal finance with confidence and competence.


parent volunteers


Reality Store served as a reminder that financial literacy is crucial for success beyond the classroom. Equipped with practical skills, our students are better prepared to face the challenges of the real world and build a secure future.


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