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DMS Spell Bowl Information for 2018-2019

Spell Bowl



DMS Spell Bowl




Thank you for showing an interest in the defending State Champion DMS Spell Bowl Team. Spell Bowl is an exciting academic competition but has a relatively short season. This means that the most dedicated academic athletes are rewarded for their endeavors.


Spell Bowl pits multiple schools simultaneously against each other as they are given the same words to spell. Each team consists of 8 spellers who are given 9 words each. Students write the words down and are not asked to speak in front of an audience.  There are 1614 words that may be used in competition, so it is important for students to be familiar with as many words as possible.


Please use the attached word list to begin reviewing and practicing the words over the summer. Success is directly correlated to investment reviewing and practicing the words. This year, I am requesting that students hand write the odd numbered words over the summer in order to be considered for the team.  Download the word list here. 


Once the school year begins, all interested spellers are invited to join as we meet in September to familiarize ourselves with the words and practice together. At the beginning of October, we will conduct practice tests (tryouts) to find the top spellers who will be members of the DMS Spell Bowl Team. As a team, we will practice together more regularly in October as we prepare for the Area Competition on October 30th. Depending on our performance in the Area Competition, we may be invited to the Spell Bowl State Finals on November 10th. You can find more details at the Indiana Academic Spell Bowl Website (


Spell Bowl is for students who are self-motivated to succeed and are dedicated to put the time into practicing the list of words. I am excited for a great season and hope you are too! Let’s defend our state title!




Tanner Givens Spell Bowl Coach