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Chromebooks for All Students!

We are excited to announce that each Middle School student will receive a new HP Chromebook 11 G3 in August 2015. In order for the Chromebook distribution process to run smoothly for our entire student population, we need to outline the steps to follow in order for students to be ready for class with their own personal Chromebooks when school starts.

  1. Parents/guardians of current middle school students are to sign and return the Student Chromebook Program Acknowledgement Form before school begins in August.

  2. Once you have returned the Student Chromebook Program Acknowledgement Form to our main office, a Chromebook will be reserved for distribution during the first few days of school.

  3. The introduction of Chromebooks will alter not only the way in which students continue their learning, but also the way in which we structure fees. The $85.00/year use fee for the Chromebook will replace the rental of some of the textbooks next school year.

  4. We will continue to issue some personal textbooks for various classes while other textbooks will be retained as class sets only. Therefore, we will still be using traditional textbooks as we introduce more widespread digital learning through Chromebooks.

  5. We will keep track of each student’s Chromebook serial number so that we can reissue the same device to each user the following school year. Students will use the same Chromebook for three years.

  6. As a parent/guardian, you will be responsible if the Chromebook is damaged or stolen.

  7. P-H-M will provide an optional insurance program in the fall for parents wishing to participate. The insurance program will cover accidental damage and repairs and cost approximately $20.00 per year. Insurance information will be provided when your student receives their Chromebook.

We look forward to using Chromebooks next fall. Please make sure that you have your Acknowledgement form on file with our school office by May 4, 2015 so that your student will receive his/her Chromebook when school starts in August 2015. We appreciate your support as we embark on our digital initiative.