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September Newsletter

The school year is well underway with volleyball games, cross country meets, football games, and students moving about school throughout the day! We have had a great beginning and I feel this week, everyone is settled in.


Teachers communicate with students daily through Canvas and we have shared our Parent Canvas Information Packet on the website. If you have any questions, please contact a teacher or one of us here in the main office for assistance. Also, HAC (Home Access Center...where student grades for assignments is posted) is available to parents and students. This is a great way to notice if something is missing or has/has not been scored. Students often get into a habit of checking this site regularly to monitor their class work.


Remember new and sixth grade parents, immunization records are due here on or before September 19th. Records must be current or we will call so you can give us the appointment you've set to take care of this responsibility. It is state law!


NEW! ILEARN Parent Brochure is now Available: The ILEARN Family Brochure is now available on the IDOE website and via the Indiana Assessment Portal.


We will begin Interim AIRWays testing on September 11 and 12 for Math and on September 17 and 18 for LA. These tests are level tests and will give us information as to how our students are progressing on their grade level standards. Benchmark testing will occur within math and LA classrooms later as we teach and check for understanding on individual standards. This testing aligns with the new ILEARN testing format, so it will help us prepare for the April 22 - May 17 testing window.


Continue to support your student(s) by being involved in communications between home and school.


With your child in mind,


Mrs. Sheryll Harper, principal