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December Newsletter

Dear Parents,


With winter rapidly approaching, I want to remind you that IF there is a snow day, students will access the day’s schoolwork online and complete the lessons outside the classroom. Students will use Canvas, as they do here every day, to access each teacher’s assignment. If you need additional information, this is available on the Discovery and corporation website under PARENTS and RESOURCES and ELEARNING.


To make sure students fully understand this process, teachers will be putting out an eLearning lesson next week. Because we are implementing the state mandated “abuse” curriculum to those students with signed permission slips next Tuesday and Friday, teachers will send out ONE eLearning lesson for students to complete. Each teacher will explain this to their classes next week.


We are finalizing enrollment for our Europe 2020 student trip. If you are interested, you need to email Mrs. Donna Schau, who is the teacher leading this excursion. Those traveling to China this spring have been meeting and making plans. These are exciting experiences for our middle school students.


In December, some of our music students perform at the mall, boys’ basketball ends, and sixth grade students will enjoy a Winter Dance Friday, December 7 from 4:10 until 5:30 PM. All sixth grade students are encouraged to attend! If someone needs financial assistance, we can make this happen! The PTO will have concessions available, too, for students to purchase while they are at this activity. We open the gym for activities, the commons will house the ping pong tables, and the cafeteria will become the dance floor. Our DJ uses this opportunity to teach lots of group dances, and students enjoy this relaxed time together.

Students and teachers are working together as we check performance on grade level standards using AIRWAYS Benchmarks assessments in math and language arts. Toward the end of January, the second Interim assessment will be scheduled in those two subjects, to also monitor growth and preparedness. The new ILearn test will be given after Spring Break this year…we want to be ready to perform at our highest levels!


Please be careful dropping off and picking up students. We ask that EVERY morning, drivers move to the south end of the FRONT sidewalk to unload. This movement forces more cars into our curb lane, alleviating a line of cars onto Ash Road. PLEASE follow this procedure for us!!

ONLY students who have special permission, granted by the principal, can be picked up from 4:00 – 4:10 PM on the east or Ash Road side of the building. If you are dropping off students for a group activity before school, please use the WEST side of the building as we won’t have traffic problems in the larger west lot.


Please be sure to email me, Mr. Kauffman, or your student’s counselor or teacher if you have questions or concerns. We are here to help you!



With our students in mind,


Mrs. Harper, principal